Previous Gutters v1.1 Overview-Tutorial

This plug-in allows to create detailed and easy-to-modify gutters in a few clicks. You can purchase a license in the store.


  • gutter follows sloping roof
  • quad, half round and angled parametric gutter profiles
  • nine ready-to-use, detailed, semiparametric profiles (automatically scaled to desired width)
  • brackets with or without top closure; stop ends
  • fascia with “offset from gutter” parameter
  • “z shift” parameter to position the gutter in relation to fascia
  • “offset from wall” parameter to avoid surfaces overlapping in 3D
  • simple editing in 2D or 3D view by using the reshape tool
  • choose among disabled, simple or detailed 2D mode

To add downspouts, you can download my free plugin from the home page.


  • private testing with some customers; feedback collection


  • requested improvements implemented

v1.1a *First release for Vectorworks 2018

  • bugfixes


  • brackets distance from corners
  • warnings when user insert invalid values


  • brackets collision detection (experimental)
  • no more “force plan view” when “Show simple 2D” is enabled
  • bugfixes

v1.4 *Only for Vectorworks 2019

  • brackets collision detection has been improved and integrated (always enabled)
  • the ready-to-use profiles are now semiparametric: they are automatically scaled to the desired width
  • new “2D Mode” menu
    • None
    • Simple (lines without fills, excluding brackets and fascia)
    • Top view (generate a 2D top view with all details: cpu intensive!)


  • gutter follows sloping roof
  • improved half round parametric profile
  • bugfixes


  • bugfixes

v1.6 *Only for Vectorworks 2020

  • bugfixes, new release for Vectorworks 2020