This plugin allows to position with a few clicks a fairly complete parametric object that can be used to create different items of furniture.

The main mode (modular object) use a particular method: you write few letters to create different furniture combinations. You can purchase a license in the store.

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Furniture Quick Reference


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Arredo”


  • use active class/palette for 2D parameters
  • new “Alternative wardrobe 2D” for “B – Modular” object

v1.2 *Vectorworks 2011 or higher

  • bugfixes
  • more control on handles
  • menu for class selection
  • show vertical lines in bookshelf (2D) object
  • mirror option (flip)


  • modular object allows for complex combinations by writing + details (top, bottom, handles, front variation)
  • 3 new 2D representations for modular object, reorganized in a single menu
  • small changes/bugfixes for bookshelf and custom bookshelf objects


  • new object mode to create framed pictures/mirrors (16 profiles). Frame thickness is parametric
  • custom bookshelf object can be rotated
  • improvements in modular object mode
    • enabling “Top” and keeping “0″ you can give front and site offset to the existing external (top) structure
    • enabling “Front variation” you can now set a “top/bottom offset” in addition to “side offset”
    • in addition to “+” and “-” now you can use “*” option to create a single door with multiple divisions


  • bug fixes

v2.2 *Only for Vectorworks 2019-2020

  •  bug fixes
  • added “Presets” as examples (modular object mode)
  • “Simple without diagonals” 2D mode (modular object mode)
  • 10 Handles Preset as menu: you must import in your project handles symbols (modular object mode)
  • “Regular Bookshelf” mode improved
  • Framed pictures/mirrors mode has been removed (see “Frames” free plugin)