Foliage V2.1

Foliage plugin has been updated to version 2.1. The update is free for Foliage 2.0 owners: please download it from Foliage 2.1 page (changelog section).


  • Reorganized/grouped some menus
  • New “Symbols on the ground (area-grid)” mode: insert grid distance and randomness (0-100%) to place symbols

Foliage V2.1 Randomness

  • New menu allowing -50% to +150% variation, enabled for automatic symbol number. Type “0” in the “N° of symbols” field to activate the menu


  • New “Symbols rotation” menu for “Cover 3D generic solid” experimental mode

New symbol rotation

  • You can now choose which face(s) of the 3D generic solid to cover


  • Foliage now supports Symbol folders. You can use unlimited symbols for a more realistic result. Simply type the name of a Symbol folder (previously prepared) in the “Name of symbol” field. In this example, the folder contains different sizes and colors of the same leaf

Symbol folders