This object allows to easily create horizontal/vertical sunshades with arbitrary slant by graphically specifying start and end point.

You can also use the plugin to create wall claddings, weatherboards, group of beams for roofs or slabs, wood pavings, sunshade coverings and any other use you can imagine with repetitive extruded elements. You can purchase a license in the store.


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Frangisole”


  • rotate from border line
  • real 2D projection


  • no more class needed, you can set attributes from palette or from active class
  • you can set texture from “render” tab (now you can use “apply to”)
  • you can switch to “vertical mode” (elements rotate from center)
  • you can rotate the entire object
  • on 2D it’s always represented the maximun space occupied by elements, even if rotated
  • added information about distance from center to center of each element
  • automatic overlapping angle (for weatherboards): automatically detects angle for perfect overlapping


  • “Frangisole” renamed to “Elements”
  • mirror option (flip)
  • new “intersect with symbol” option (experimental)

v1.4 *Only for Vectorworks 2019-2020

  • fix compatibility with Vectorworks 2019-2020